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How to maintain your range properly to keep it sleek and shiny

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Truth to be told, the importance of the commercial range maintenance is the utmost necessary thing that a hotel owner or anyone who are in the food making industry has to understand first. Because it is the source of your income and depending on this you can cook platter and delicious foods for your customers. So if there is any malfunctioning in the range then you have to take care of it as early as possible. Though if you can manage time to get it maintained properly then you can use it for a longer term and can save yourself from calling the commercial range repair service provider and burn a hole in your pocket as repairing charges. Now let’s see how you can maintain your range by yourself.

Cleaning tips for the Ceramic Range

If you own a ceramic range in your commercial place then you have to take a different approach to clean your range properly. Here are some guidelines which can come handy for you when cleaning it.

  • This kind of ranges need to be cleaned on a regular basis like once in a week but if you can manage to clean it every alternative day then it will be best.
  • At the time of cleaning wait until the range gets cooled and then only try to wipe off with a dry cloth. Though this sounds as the commonest tips but sometimes in order to get rid of the stains as soon as possible, they forget about it altogether and end up badly.
  • Don’t use any soiled pan or other cooking items on the ceramic range. It can leave a stain which is sometimes irremovable and can cause a problem in the future.
  • Don’t use any harsh cleaner at the time of cleaning because it can leave a stain on the range top or worse it can cause a permanent discoloration of the surface.

Cleaning tips for the Gas & Electric Range

Here are some tips which come handy while cleaning the gas and electric range of your commercial place.

  • As food and grease spilled over the top surface so you can use the soap suds to clean the surface and drip pans, grids, and reflector bowls.
  • Try to use the gas burners properly every day after the cooking and use a fine wire to clean the holes properly. But refrain yourself from using the toothpicks or any other things except the wires.
  • Remove all the control knobs before cleaning the exterior surface of the range properly.

Using these tips you can maintain your range properly and without asking for the help of commercial range repair Alexandria.

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