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Know All About Seasonal Allergy

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Although spring is a season that brings bliss and colors yet it is also the season of painful and irritating seasonal allergy. The blooming trees start releasing pollens into the atmosphere at this time of year and this activity results in the annual ritual of sniffing, runny noses and fever among the allergy sufferers. Spring Allergies are an extremely common annual occurrence and every year many people fall prey to these seasonal allergies that is commonly called hay fever or Rhinitis.

The Causes of Spring Allergy

One of the most common and best known trigger of seasonal allergies is pollen. Pollens are small grains that are released into the atmosphere by the trees, grasses, and the weeds to fertilize other plants. These pollens can cause allergy if they get into the nose of an allergic person. The main reason for the allergy symptoms is the response by the immune system, which mistaken the pollen to foreign invaders and thus releases antibodies. Antibodies are the substance which normally identify the foreign substances and attack these bacteria, viruses, or any other organisms that may cause various illnesses. Thus the antibodies released by the immune system attack the allergens and thus they release chemicals called histamines into blood. The Histamines trigger the symptoms of runny nose, itchy eyes, and all other symptoms.

Which Trees Release Allergy Causing Pollens?

The most common offenders of spring allergy are trees including Alder, Ash, Aspen, Beech, Box Elder, Cedar, Cottonwood, Cypress, Elm, Hickory, Juniper, Maple, Mulberry, Oak, Olive, Palm, Pine, Poplar, Sycamore and Willow. The grasses and weeds that may cause the allergy include Bermuda, Fescue, Johnson, June, Orchard, Perennial Rye, Redtop, Salt Grass, Sweet Vernal and Timothy. These and some other trees release the most pollens and these pollen will be everywhere around you.

Cure for Spring Allergy

Spring allergies do not have any magical cure but there are some precautions and home based medications that can help one to avoid the fever or combat it. One can also take help of medications as well as the correct household habits. The first and foremost thing you should do is prevent breathing in the pollen by using masks. You may also leave the neighborhood that has the allergy causing pollen trees. One more precaution to avoid spring allergy is drinking lots of water and fluids. You can take antihistamines if you still get the allergy. You can also visit a known and experienced Spring Allergy Doctor Germantown before taking any medications by your own.

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