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How to detect termites?

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Ignore termite signs at your own peril

If you are not sure about how to detect the signs of termite presence in your home, you need not to worry. The most obvious way of their presence is when you see some winged termites yourself. But, as they look like winged ants, you wouldn’t be able to distinguish between them and ants if you are not well acquainted with their physical features. Detecting the presence of termites in your house is not as difficult as it seems. For making sure of their existence, you will be required to carefully check every nook and corner of your home.

You shouldn’t forget to check even the kitchen and the bathrooms because they can be anywhere. If you have a room which has not been opened for a while rest assured that you will find a lot of termites there. Forget to check the walls at your own peril because the mud tunnels formed by termites can be easily found on the higher part of walls. These mud tunnels can be crushed without much difficulty, and inside those tunnels you will find a lot of termites creeping. However, you will find a few tunnels looking a bit different. This is because termites no more live within them; they have left for some other place.

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