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Broken Tooth Extraction Procedure

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Come Across With Complete Broken Tooth Extraction Procedure

If a tooth has been partially broken and damaged because of cavity, initially dentist try to save such tooth with filling, dentures, crown and other treatments. However, it is quite difficult to save a tooth which is damaged very poorly. In such case, the tooth should be extracted. Tooth extraction is not a simple thing to do it should be done with perfection. Rely on a surgeon who specializes in surgeries of the mouth.

  • Before extracting your tooth, your dentist will give a painkiller or injection to numb that particular area from where the tooth will be removed. Anesthetic is used to make the specific area of your mouth insensitive so that the surgery can be performed with perfection. Generally, anesthetic avoids pain in the whole body and allows you to sleep throughout the surgery.
  • After that the dentist loosens the tooth with appropriate tools and removes it carefully. However, surgical extraction can be more complicated. If a tooth is broken off at the gum streak, the dentist makes small slit into your gum. In a few cases, dentist removes some of the bone around the tooth and cut the tooth partially to remove it.
  • Once the tooth is removed, stitches can be recommended by your oral surgeon. Some stitches melt eventually, and some have to be detached after some days. Specialist uses cotton gauze pad to control bleeding efficiently. Generally, oral surgeons and dentists recommend pain killers, to reduce swelling and relieve pain.
  • After the successful removal of tooth, you can choose a temporary or permanent substitute of that tooth. The extracted tooth can be replaced with denture, bridge and dental implants.

Removing a tooth is essential when the tooth is rotten or broken out very badly and there is no other treatment can cure the interactivity. Tooth extraction can help you to avoid expansion of infection to other areas of your mouth. Thus, tooth extraction is crucial to save other teeth and maintain good oral health.

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