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Different Types of Chimney Liners

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Chimney relining is most important part of chimney maintenance. It would safeguard you from the possible fire in the fireplace area. Over the course of time, chimney lining deteriorate and there are cracks and blocks caused in them. These blocks and cracks suffocate hazardous materials in the passing and may cause fire. Also, if there is damaged lining in the chimney passage, it would block proper gas and fumes passing through the pipe. In traditional chimneys, there were no lining used, it is not at all advised to continue using such chimneys so get them relined soon.

Types of Chimney Lining

Metal Flue Liners

Metal flue liners are most recommended by experts as well as users. They come with a lifetime warranty and preferred by installers. It would be expensive to install these liners as the cost plus installation would go pretty high. The metal liners that are mostly suggested are of stainless steel but available in other metals too. They are available with fixed as well as flexible formats.

Clay Tile Liners

Clay tile liners are cheapest type of liners and are better installed while building chimney or in straight chimneys. A properly fit liner would last for around 50 years without any issues but a proper schedule of cleaning is essential. Clay tile liner deteriorates when the mortar joint between tile and chimney gets weak and cracks. This crack usually means leakage of deadly carbon monoxide into the house. Clay tile are less preferred because of the installation cost which is higher in comparison with the other options of liners.

Cast in Place Liners

Cast in place liners are created with poured cement process. The cement that is poured in the place would take a form and form a cast in place liner. These liners can tolerate the harmful effect of heat, acids and condensations. They have excellent insulation properties and help fireplace to burn cleaner.

You can search for a “chimney contractor near me” and find out the best contractors in your area. These professionals would guide you with the chimney lining and its costs. Often when relining of chimney is suggested, people have doubt the decisions or suggestions of contractors. But, if you find yourself amidst such situation, you can ask them to take a photo or view of the affected area. This would help you to understand that whatever they are mentioning about the cracks and damages in liners is true and repairing is essential.

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