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What are some of the common allergy symptoms in Kids?

Small child using his inhaler device for asthma

Common allergy symptoms in kids are the best way to spot allergies in kids. No doubt, diagnosing allergy in kids is more difficult than adults. When compared to adults, kids cannot express themselves properly about the problem they are facing. It is you who need to watch out for the allergy symptoms. Your child may sneeze, cough or vomit frequently. Instances of stomach aches, cramps may be noticed as well. The child belonging to the family which has a history of allergies is even more susceptible to suffering allergies. Some of the symptoms cannot be ignored.

Sinus issues and nose blockage

When the defense system of the body overreacts to the allergen, your body produces more fluids, causing a sinus passage blockage. Bacteria and germs pass through the nose passage and invade tissue of the sinus cavity. This leads to infection and those who are prone to contracting allergies, they get impacted. If the immunity is weak, the foreign elements cannot be avoided. The body becomes less effective in combating germs and foreign elements. If the child complaints of nasal congestion, discomfort, headaches, this shows he/she is suffering from sinus.

Having itchy nose

This is in fact one of the most common symptom of allergy. By detecting the allergens, the nose reacts and becomes itchy. If you think there are allergens around, stuffy or itchy nose clearly suggests the instance of allergy. This can also lead to severe cold. You may see your child rubbing the nose in the salute action. This clearly shows that he has allergy.

Common allergy symptoms in kids

An early detection of the allergy symptoms can cause the least discomfort to your child. You should watch out for any of the below symptoms:

  • Hives or skin rashes in the form of eczema
  • Difficulty in breathing can be asthma
  • Sneezing, runny nose and itchy nose.
  • There can be stomach upset
  • Allergy can lead to infection in the ears, causing inflammation. Fluid accumulation promotes decreased hearing power and infection in the ear.
  • Kids are more allergic to certain foods like peanuts and milk. Anaphylaxis is the immediate results of food reaction.

The child may suffer from a number of allergies. He may have usual allergy showing in the form of difficulty in breathing, a rash. If you stay in Gaithersburg, all you need to do is visit an allergy center Gaithersburg.

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