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14 Interesting Facts About Trees

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Here are some interesting facts about trees according to tree experts, tree removal contractors, and some tree removal companies near me.

  1. 60,000 Tree Species

Before 2017, there was no stats or consensus on the number of tree species. A study in April 2017 found that there are over 60,000 different tree species around the world. Many are the rare tree species while some have gone extinct.

  1. Tree Species in a Single Country

As we learned that there exists over 60,000 tree species. The interesting thing is that half of these tree species are present only in a single country. That means more than 58% tree species don’t have presence in any another country. Brazil, Colombia and Indonesia are the top countries with the most number of tree species according to experts and tree removal companies near me.

  1. The Origin of Trees

It is agreed by the scientists that world is almost 4.5 billion years old. However, the trees didn’t exist for the first 90% of the world age. That means, trees are nearly only 470 million years old. However, in the beginning most of the species didn’t grow beyond 3 feet.

  1. Fungi Before Trees

The scientists believed trees were 470 million years old. But a new study from 2007 proved that the early plants were fungi, not trees. It grew up to 3 feet wide and 26 feet in height. So factually, trees came later and the inception of trees started with fungi.

  1. The First Known Tree

The first and earliest tree ever found with the help of fossil fuels was Wattieza. It was found in the present-day New York. The researchers believe it was the first ever tree and was leafless. It is calculated to be 300 million years old.

  1. Dinosaurs Era Trees

Wollemia nobilis is a tree species that researchers believe is from dinosaur era. They first believed it was extinct. But later on, the researchers found it growing wild in Australia. This tree species is thought to be 150 million years old.

  1. Tree Emitting Chemicals

Trees are the living organisms and studies found that they release chemicals that are helping on combating insects according to tree removal contractors. There are some trees that release chemicals to warn other trees about the insect attacks. This is quite interesting. But more interesting is many trees getting the signals become more resistive to the attacks.

  1. Length of Tree Roots

Studies reveal that most trees have roots up to 18 feet underground. However, many tree maintenance tips will have roots that are more than 100 feet in length. There are some other trees that have roots grown on the ground, not underground.

  1. Oak Consuming Water

For the readers it will be interesting that a single tree of oak can consume up to 100 gallons of water in a single day whereas sequoia consumes 500 gallons of water in a day. Such trees are planted in some special areas to curb desalination.

  1. Trees Help Humans

There is no doubt that trees are the primary source of oxygen for humans. A single healthy and leafy tree produces oxygen for up to ten people per year as pointed out by tree removal contractors. Some experts have lower estimates. However, apart from this the trees help humans in many other ways. They offer us food, are used for medicine, give raw material, provide shade, control floods, treat urban pollution and keep our air fresh.

  1. Trees and Birds

Trees help habitat animals and birds. A Stanford University study from 2016 that was carried out for ten years found that planting a single tree in pasture can increase bird species from zero to 80. This shows how important the trees are for birds and humans.

  1. Trees Can Lower Stress

There are some hidden and less-talked about benefits of trees. Various studies have found that some species of trees are helpful in treating stress. They are also helpful to raise values of your property and can be useful when it comes to fighting crimes.

  1. Longest Living Trees

Trees can live for years, centuries and even millennia. Bristlecone pines in North America are believed to be the longest living trees with an average age of over 5000 years. However, there are some trees that are reported to have age of up to 8000 years.

  1. Trees and Patients

It has been confirmed in multiple studies that patients who have views of trees heal faster and better than those who don’t have. Such patients are reported to leave hospitals sooner than other patients find tree removal companies near me.

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