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5 Common Tree Problems

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Wood Log Cut by Gasoline Wood Cutter. Closeup Photo. Forestry Works.

Trees need care and appropriate conditions to thrive well and if not care for, they might need tree removal services.

Importance of hiring tree services

Usually, people take trees for granted and not provide them the essentials they need, which results in the decaying or death of the trees. Trees are also living things and they encounter many problems and diseases as well. Mostly these problems arise in the drier areas or the winter months. Some problems are due to human error while some are caused by the pests and the insects. If you have a tree in your backyard. Then you should also learn about the most common tree problems.

  1. Honey Fungus

This is done through a fungus and has no cure but thankfully it does not spread to other trees. It is caused in trees which are less resistant to diseases and in an ailing condition. The fungus enters through a wound. To check if your tree has this fungus, peel off the bark gently and if you see a white creamy layer which smells like a mushroom, then your tree has caught honey fungus. To cure the tree, you will have to resort to emergency tree removal.

Compact Soil and Fewer Nutrients

In the forest where there are open land and lots of trees and also lots of compost material which provides natural nutrients to the tree, the trees thrive beautifully. In your yards, space is restricted. Even if you give ample space for growth of trees and its roots, it still faces problems. The tree roots grow a lot and, in the yards, they might grow towards buildings and construction sites and other pipelines which restricts its growth. Another thing is when the twigs, branches, seeds, and leaves fall off from trees, you tend to clear them away not realizing that these will degenerate into the soil again and provide the best nutrients for the tree. By removing these you devoid the tree of natural nutrients. Also due to construction and the human use of yards, the soil becomes compact and tight which does not encourage the proper growth of the tree.

Yellow False Acacia

This is another disease which is caused by numerous factors which include very wet summers, honey fungus, bacteria and leaf spot fungus. The symptoms of these are that the tree does not develop fully into leaves, premature brown spotting on the leaves or the falling of leaves from young trees. These types of trees do not thrive in dry conditions and die quickly. The only solution to this problem is to go for tree removal services or emergency tree removal.


Squirrels are another common problem in very high trees. They sit on the branches and eat away the twigs, branches and even the bark and leave behind marks. They do not let the tree grow properly and fully. You can install anti-squirrel traps to avoid them.

Powdery Mildew

This is a common problem which mostly occurs in summers in many types of trees. The symptoms include improper air circulation and the drying o the roots. This kind of problem goes away itself if you provide more nutrients to the soil and give more water after proper mulching. You do not need to go for tree removal services or emergency tree removal bethesda md if your tree gets this disease.

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