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Reasons to Hire a Tree Stump Removal Company

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A lot of people wonder if they should find a tree service! Well, trees that are diseased and damaged should be removed. Likewise, trees that are old and weak pose great safety hazards to the home. Tree play an important role in any garden. Gardeners and property owners are quite aware of the fact that at least tree branches should be removed for a reason. Try to imagine this: A dead tree branch falls down and destroys your property or hurts your dear friend! Doesn’t this sound too bad? Well, that is what dead and weak trees can do!

With this being said, here are few reasons to hire a tree stump removal company.

#1 Not Appealing

When you speak aesthetically, tree stumps are definitely not pretty or appealing! If you are a meticulous gardener, you will definitely wish for the stump to be removed. Luckily, there are so many stump removal companies to help you!

#2 Dangerous

Tree stumps can be very dangerous to your little ones. As they play in the yard and run around, they may trip over the stump. And, if your neighbor trips, the entire liability will fall on your head! Additionally, tree stumps will damage your gardening equipment. Mowers that accidentally hit on stumps will get damaged quickly.

#3 New Sprouts

Stumps can result in new tree growth. If you leave a stump alive, it will contribute to fresh, new sprouts. As a result, you will have many small trees in your lawn. This can be unsightly in your garden and cost you few extra dollars while clearing. Experts believe that you should use chemicals to kill new sprouts and the stump. Fresh new sprouts are dangerous. These plants can leech nutrients from neighboring plants. Consequently, your begonias and orchids will not receive a fair share of nutrients. Doesn’t this mean death for your plants?

#4 Insects

Stumps are capable of attracting insects. When stumps decay in your lawn, it will take a considerable amount of time to rot away fully. As the stump decays, ants, beetles and termites will be attracted towards it. You may not mind a few in your garden. However, these insects can spread rapidly.

#5 Yard Space

Finally, stumps can take yard space. If your yard is very small, losing even a little bit of space can mean a lot! This is when you should hire a tree stump removal md company.

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