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Pre-Spring Lawn Maintenance


I hope you’re as eager to get outside as I am. With cabin fever blazing through the best of us, spring can’t come fast enough.

February is but a few weeks away, and luckily, it’s not too early to get out and begin planning custom landscaping for your spring garden and yard. At this time, you may not be able to plant all the flowers you want, but you can surely get a head start before all your neighbors make you look like a slacker.

It’s likely most of you left your lawn looking pretty miserable this winter, but you can still bring it back to life before spring’s March 20th arrival. Take a look out at your lawn. If you see a bunch of straw-like grass, you will need to have this raked up and removed, lest you cannot expect any landscaping planting you do to penetrate into the soil. Start pruning your shrubs. It’s better to prune shrubs now when it’s cold before they begin to grow out of hand as soon as the weather warms up a bit. Pull any weeds you see as well.

Another great idea is to create your backyard focal point. This can include creating a backyard pond or even building a gazebo. A backyard pond bustling with fish and floating plants is sure to make your backyard absolutely stunning. Because this is one of the projects you won’t be able to take care of on your own, but there are plenty of landscaping companies who would do an excellent job of building one of these for you. If your lawn is large enough, building a gazebo or deck is also a fun idea for families who tend to spend a lot of time outdoors. Is your lawn creeping into your garden? Or is your garden planting growing out into your lawn? If so, consider placing in border invasions.

And, just for kicks, spruce up other areas of your home. New siding and trim could surely do the trick to show off your landscaped backyard. New doors and matching exterior shutters are probably my favorite idea to enhance your landscaping. But if this isn’t an option due to your budget, my next favorite¬†¬† (and cheapest) idea is to simply paint home doors and outdoor shutters. This will definitely highlight the changes your lawn has undergone. But of course, these are just supplemental ideas.

Get out there and get some work done! Adjust your step stones! Level your lawn! Build your backyard focal points! The exterior of your house will look great and you’ll get your heat pumping to sweat away some of those winter pounds you packed on during the holiday season.

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