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How To Know If I Should Buy Ducted Or Split AC

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While both AC systems perform the function of cooling down your house and can easily be maintained with the help of AC repair companies, it is hard to choose from the two. Usually, the only difference buyers find in the two systems is their appearance. It takes an actual AC contractor to find out the major and most relevant differences. First, let’s understand how both of these systems work:

Ducted AC System

This cooling system works through a number of ducts, hence called Ducted AC system. The main machine called the internal fancoil unit is installed in the roof. The unit is supposedly installed at a central location so that every duct, which is running out of it, gets access to every room in the house. This process is called “zoning”. Zoning allows every room to receive an equal amount of cooling.

The temperature can be adjusted using the thermostat installed on the wall. Ducted AC system is a great choice when you have a whole house to cool down. If you’re renovating your house or constructing a new one from scratch, Ducted AC system is a good place to start.  Following are some of the important pros and cons of a Ducted AC system that you must consider before jumping onto any conclusions.


  1. Ducted Systems are as unobtrusive as the wiring beneath a socket. The whole installation is easily hidden in the ceiling.
  2. Ducted Systems produce no noise at all, they are discreet in every way.
  3. You can easily set different temperatures for different rooms and if you desire for an equal temperature in the entire house, call AC repair companies and your wish will be granted immediately.


  1. Ducted System is relatively more expensive than Split system especially if you only wish to have one or two rooms for cooling purpose.
  2. With a lot of rooms, comes a lot of energy and maintenance. If you are willing to pay heavy bills, then go ahead and buy one. If the system consumes unnecessary energy then get a local air conditioner repair from the repair companies.
  3. Not every home is able to accommodate ducted systems, some might have an unsuitable architecture for it.

Split AC System

Split AC systems are those which are split, literally, in half. Its one part is installed inside the house while the other remains outside and here is why: The part that resides inside the house/room is called the evaporative heat exchanger. It cools down your room by driving cool air inside shifting its temperature to lower side, while the part that stays outside called condensing heat exchanger sucks all the heat out of your room into the thin air outside your house.

That is the reason why you find the temperature around the compressor warm because it throws out the heat. If you are looking for a system that is viable and cools down only one room at a time, then no other system can beat Split AC. Split AC systems require minimal maintenance which can be received from any local air conditioner repair companies. Before going ahead and buying one consider the following pros and cons of a Split AC system


  1. You can install a Split system in the desired room easily and subsequently you can add even more units if required.
  2. Split AC works best when it comes to cooling down small houses. A house of 2 to 3 rooms is excellent for Split AC.
  3. Its installation is cheaper and simple.


  1. Considering the size of a Split AC, it seems difficult for it to cool down spacious rooms. Split ACs usually struggle with huge rooms like lounge or a central room etc.
  2. The condenser heat exchanger makes the temperature around the house a little too high which is not perfectly healthy for the neighbors or environment. If you observe an unusual heat emission from the compressor, contact the AC repair companies for an instant checkup.

Since now you know every minuscule detail about the two AC systems, make your decision after careful consideration. The air conditioner repair Herndon VA companies are always there to help you.

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