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Care and Pruning of Damaged Trees

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Trees can be damaged due to storm, snow, ice, insects or age. Some damaged trees may need instant consideration while others can be dealt later. Safety is the most important concern when dealing with damaged trees. The damaged trees cannot be left hanging in your garden. In case, they fall down; they will not only damage your property, but can also injure your family members.

First Aid for Damaged Trees

Some trees get damaged due to seasonal changes. The tree species, like poplars and willows, are soft in nature and are more likely to be damaged because of harsh outdoor conditions. Structural mistakes like codominant stems, frail tree branches, and dead and decay parts of the tree are particularly the things with which you will have to deal while providing first aid to damaged tree. Many structural defects can be reviewed with right tree pruning. With regular care and time, trees can heal their wounds and become green again.

Trees are remarkably durable and many trees can convalesce with appropriate care and time. If you notice any damaged tree in your yard, regardless of taking any immediate action, try to act with patience. As long as injured trees do not create an immediate peril, leave them as it is. It might be possible that the tree care and tree pruning, may give another life to the tree.

In life threatening situations, you should better consider calling an insurance company before starting any tree work. Many homeowner policies cover the cost of tree removal. Thus, you will not have to spend any extra money on tree removal

Recommendations for tree care-

#1: Get hazardous trees removed from your yard

#2: Treat leaning trees as soon as possible

#3: Remove dead branches of trees

#4: Resist over pruning

#5: Repair torn barks

#6: Avoid over fertilizing

So, these are some basic tips for care of damaged trees. You can do this on your own or hire tree care service providers. Tree care professionals have knowledge and tools of treating trees. They can better recommend you which trees worth to keep and which trees are needed to be removed.

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