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8 Ductless AC Maintenance Tips


Although ductless air conditioners tend to be cost-effective and quite efficient, they still need maintenance. Ignoring AC maintenance can shorten their life and reduce efficiency. So, let’s take a look at some important ductless air conditioner maintenance tips for you to consider.

Make Sure To Dust

Ductless air conditioners do attract dust and dirt. Even though most tend to ignore it when it is dirty from outside but should not be your case. You should always clean the dust from outside. If you don’t, they will make their way inside and will slowly start to accumulate. This will clog the operating system, reducing its efficiency significantly. Use a damp cloth and wipe the dirt off along with the outer portion of the vents so that both dirt and debris can be cleared.

Distance Is Crucial

Ductless air conditioning units as compared to regular air conditioners might be smaller but they also require ample amount of space for smooth functioning. This is why it is important to leave sufficient space around the unit to allow it to breathe. If there is furniture or any other item closely positioned to the unit, make sure that you position it somewhere else. As a general rule of thumb, keep a distance of at least four feet from every direction.

Shut Down The System Before Cleaning

There is a reason professionals shut off the system before cleaning. It is because some parts of the unit are hot and accidentally touching them can lead to serious injuries. Furthermore, you should also ensure that you shut off power from the main source to reduce the chances of receiving an electric shock. It also ensures that you do not end up damaging any component during the process.

Keep The Filters Clean

Clogged or dirty filters can create a serious problem for the air conditioning unit. Since they are designed to distribute clean air by purifying, you cannot work with dirty air filters. Not only will you and your family be exposed to harmful contaminants but also put additional pressure on the entire unit, impacting its life. Therefore, carefully remove the filters when they are dirty and clean them at least once a month.

Clean The Coils

Clean coils are as important as clean air filters. Dirt and debris can accumulate on them and cause them to overheat, therefore, reducing the efficiency of the AC. You can use a regular garden hose for the purpose but make sure that you do not bend the vents during the process. Finally, make sure that you completely dry the unit before use.

Focus On The Pipes

Believe it or not, dirt and dust can enter the pipes and can block them as well. Since pipes are one of the most exposed parts of the air conditioner, you need to keep them clean and if required, might need to perform maintenance more regularly.

Hire A Professional

If you are not familiar with the basics of ductless air conditioners, you should not perform cleaning and wiping on your own. The reason is that you run the risk of both injuring yourself and damaging the components. Since professionals are aware of the protocols and cleaning techniques, the chances of anyone getting hurt or anything being damaged are far less. Therefore, hire a professional and make sure that you get the unit thoroughly cleaned.

Ask For Details

While hiring a professional service for the job you should ask someone to refer or look around in your neighborhood. Once you stumble upon a professional, ask them for details, information, and related experience. Some states require certifications and licenses to perform such types of tasks. Therefore, you should ensure that the individual or team you are hiring has the right skillset and is experienced enough to complete the process successfully.

Final Word

Concluding, taking care of ductless ACs is pretty simple and easy. Just follow the tips mentioned above to keep things running smoothly. And if you find it a risky job, do not hesitate to call professional services. But you have to research before choosing an AC repair service Stony Brook. Talk with multiple services and get quotes. Also, see what people on social media are saying about them.

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