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5 ways to make your kitchen look and feel bigger

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How to make kitchen look bigger?

Many homeowners dreams to have a huge quartz countertop – a kitchen which have all amenities and have plenty of space to work. Fact is, during the construction of building, kitchen space is not a primary concern for general contractors, so kitchens are not provided abundance of space. Well, do not worry folk, you can utilize the pre-assigned kitchen space of your kitchen, in your kitchen remodeling project and make it look larger than what it look earlier. You can smartly remodel your kitchen to maximize usability of available space and to make it look larger. If motto of your kitchen remodeling project is to make your kitchen look bigger then take a sneak peek over below mentioned tricks.

Tricks to make your kitchen look and feel larger

Trick #1: Light Up: The most excellent method to make a kitchen look larger is to permit more light in. For this purpose you can make use of creamy white and soft warm gray lights. In fact, wrong lighting can make even large kitchens look dull and dingy space. You can even let natural light to enter in your kitchen via windows. If you are concerned about privacy, you can make use of window shutters.

Trick #2: Flooring: Instead of dark kitchen floor, you should opt for light colored kitchen flooring. When kitchen floor reflect light, it will make your kitchen look bigger. Yeah! Usually, homeowners prefer dark shades for kitchen flooring because of maintenance purpose. Well, light color flooring can help in maintaining kitchen hygiene. Still you prefer darker shades you can install kitchen floor in the horizontal stripes, it is another trick of making kitchen look bigger.

Trick #3: White cabinet: You will absolutely love white cabinets. White kitchen cabinets will not only make your kitchen appear bigger but also adorn its beauty. If you have chimney in your kitchen then you need not have to worry about their maintenance.

Trick #4: Eliminate clutter: Clutter occupies visual and physical space of kitchen and makes it appear smaller. The kitchen countertops Rockville MD which are open and bare will look roomy and large – this is what a homeowner desires!

Trick #5: Incorporate open shelving: Open shelves lessen visual weight and lend the delusion of a more expansive area. It will appear more open and less cramped as the light is better capable to flow around the room.

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