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Top Makeup Accessories You Should Have In Your Handbag!

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If  you don’t go to your local hair salon then carrying makeup accessories in our handbag is an essential and routine part of our life. Stepping out without make up is not an option because of the pollution, the UV rays and above all a beautiful appearance always adds to your confidence. Let’s check out some mandatory items which should be kept in your bag for emergencies and regular touch ups to make you look pretty and beautiful always. The basic items include a good face wash or wet wipes, a good moisturizer or lotion according to your skin type now for touch ups you require.

Lipstick or lip gloss

It’s an essential to keep a neutral or dress specific lip color to add to your makeup kit, because after some time generally color fades on your lips. You can also opt for a lip gloss to make your lips keep shining all the time. Go for good quality lip color as it stays for longer period.


A good waterproof eyeliner is a must have in your handbag. A firm stroke of eyeliner adds to the charm and beauty of your eyes. It defines the shape of your eyes to make them look brighter; it also helps in reducing the tired look from your eyes.

We all have blemishes and uneven skin tones, most of the time because of hectic lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. It doesn’t mean that we can’t hide these little flaws. Always keep a good quality concealer in your handbag as it helps in covering dark spots around the eyes and blemishes on your face. After applying it your skin will look even and more radiant. Choose a concealer of a lighter shade than the shade of your skin.
Translucent powder

It gives you the natural effortless look by hiding the borders between the layers of makeup items you have earlier applied. It also helps in controlling the extra shine on your face and neck. Go for pressed powder as they are easy to carry.
Blusher and eye shadow

A blush is always a perfect way to show that you are happy. So apply it to get a fresh look .you can also add some natural color eye shadow  palette in your makeup kit as it produce a classy effect to the overall look. Apply a layer of concealer and translucent powder before applying the eye shadow to add finesse.

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