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Sweet Remedy for Seasonal Allergies

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For someone who suffers from seasonal allergies, the excitement that should accompany the arrival of summer and spring can be missing. Rather than playing in the sunshine and reveling in the return of grass and leaves to trees, seasonal allergies sufferers may spend their hot months retreating indoors to hide from an arrange of allergies that are combined into every hot and balmy breeze. Scratchy throat, watery itchy eyes, headaches and runny nose are just a few of the seasonal allergy symptoms.

How to treat seasonal allergies

Eating lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and full grain provides your body with antioxidants and vitamins, which help your body to fight off seasonal sickness and allergens. Further, avoiding sugar can support to provide your body a boost, as too much sugar can cause you to feel lethargic and fatigued, as well as interfere with some of those vitamins and much-required nutrients your body needs in order do at its best.


Honey has touted-defense-boosting features for years. Now domestic honey is being offered new focus as a fit way to build up a struggle to domestic allergens. Local honey, in theory, jobs like a vaccine, with vaccines your body is exposed to low doses of dead viruses so that it will build a struggle to the diseases, whereas, with honey, the bits of plants and pollen particles from domestic plants can build a struggle to the allergens. Thanks to the bees that job hard harvesting nectar from all the plants that are flourishing, their honey can give a natural way to combat that allergy trigger while providing your taste buds a yummy treat.

Sadly, finding the best type of honey is a pretty trickier than simply leading to your domestic grocery store and hitting the honey aisle. First, it must be unprocessed and unfiltered honey. In other words, it should still be hundred percent all natural honey. Second, it must be domestic honey. While the honey on your supermarket shelf may have allergens and pollen in it, they are likely from other geographic areas and your body will be working to build a resistance to trees and plants that you may never smell or see.

For the top results in building your defensive system against local allergens, look for domestic honey in your natural food stores. Once you find a remarkable domestic honey, you can go home with sweet reward of a healthy and tasty way to combat allergies. Who knew fighting allergies could be so delicious?

You can also visit an allergy and asthma clinic for better treatment.

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