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How Invisalign works?

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Invisalign- Giving a confident smile

As the name suggests this product is invisible and used for alignment. This is a treatment with a series of almost invisible aligners which are removable. These aligners are to be changed every two weeks. The aligners are uniquely made for an individual, depending on his teeth. So, no two persons will be able to use same set of aligners. These aligners make your smile so effective, that it can do magic. It does not hamper any of your regular activities like eating, chewing, speaking, etc.


Each aligner is personalized for its user. Before the treatment, the user can opt to see the series of changes that will be there in his teeth structure. There is a plan for each treatment by a dentist, which is to be approved by the patient. This plan shows what kind of treatment, the teeth would undergo and also the series of changes. The final outcome of the treatment can also be seen, so that the patient/customer is clear about the expectations.


This product claims to be nearly clear. This means it is almost invisible and no one else, other than the user, comes to know that it has been applied. The manufacturer of the product claims it to be quite comfortable. This comfort guarantee is due to uniqueness and customization. Customization means that every Invisalign aligner is custom made. Once the customer approves the use of aligners, he gets them as per the size and structure of the teeth. These aligners are removable, so there is no need for the patient to visit the clinic just to get these changed. The customer can get the 2-3 sets of aligners in series, from the dental clinic and change them after every two weeks. In this way, a user can fix an appointment with the general dentist, after every 30-40 days or as per convenience. This appointment can help one to know the progress of the treatment. It is an effective tool for alignment of teeth without causing pain, and without hampering the personality of an individual, as it is almost invisible. It does not involve the metal, which can cause irritation to gums and teeth. The user can use floss and brush regularly during the treatment. It definitely brings a confident smile on the user’s face.

Use of Invisaligner

It can be used when the teeth need correction. The teeth can be overcrowded; i.e. teeth get less space to adjust on the gums. If this is not treated on time, there are chances of teeth to become harder and left unclean. Contrarily, the widely spread teeth are small sized and with gaps. Crossbites is the situation when both the jaws are not aligned properly, and overbite is the overlapping of upper teeth with the lower ones.  Lastly, it can also be underbite, wherein the lower teeth stick out of front teeth. This can be caused by missing upper teeth or by undergrowth of the upper jaw, or by undergrowth of the lower one.

All the major teeth problems are due to bad oral habits, heredity, or the incorrect development of bone that supports the teeth.

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