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Benefits Of Hip Replacement Surgery

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Hip replacement is a the best solution in case your hip has been injured critically as a result of accident or old age medical conditions like arthritis. In fact, hip replacement surgery is the only permanent solution available to get rid of the chronic pain problems arising from the groin and hip flexor muscles and joints. Get the surgery done from a reputed healthcare unit and enjoy painless life.

An Overview of Hip replacement Surgery

Hip Arthroplasty is the most common hip replacement surgical procedure followed worldwide. Also known as Hip Hemiarthroplasty, this procedure allows the orthopedic surgeon to totally remove the painful hip joint, only to get it replaced with an artificial one. This can be a painful as well lengthy procedure. The surgeon careful removes the damaged part of femur (thighbone) and replaces the part with artificial implants. Although the process is painful, but post-surgery, the mobility of the patient will improve while ensuring complete relieve from the pain. This will help him/her in performing the day-to-day activities with ease.

The present scenario

As per the survey conducted by AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality), a U.S. government organization, over 300,000 patients in the United States opt for the Hip Arthroplasty surgical method to get the replacement done. Although painful, still this surgery is often considered to be highly successful in terms of achieving prolonged results. More importantly, this is a permanent solution and promises to be 100% cost effective.

When is hip replacement surgery required?

Pain in the hip joint and flexors are common with the age. Also, become overweight can make the scenario complicated. But surgery is not the first step to consider. There are anti-inflammatory medications as well as physical therapies to get rid of the pain. Patients are mostly recommended these options for a certain time range. If the patient experiences some sort of relief from following these steps, then there may not be the need for surgical options. However, if there happens to be absolutely no relief from the medications and physical therapies, then hip replacement surgery Woodbridge VA is the best solution to avail. There is no age barrier for such surgeries. It is safe for all the ages. After the surgery, the patient will be able to perfectly perform all the major daily activities like sitting in the chair, toilet seat, or sofa, moving around for shopping and work purpose, cooking, putting on the dress and apparels, and any type of body movement without experiencing pain.

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