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7 Beautiful Interior Stone Veneer Ideas

Rustic cozy living room with bricked fireplace, couch, armchair and old-fashioned carpet

Stone has always been in fashion as it is the most classical thing for interior designing but it is good to connect with any masonry contractor to have better and trendy ideas. For instance, below are a few ideas mostly used by the professionals to give unique aesthetics to overall aesthetics.

Kitchen Backsplash

Stoned backlash in kitchens look very classy to go with any decor you have in your kitchen. You can match the color of stones in combination with cabinets color and countertop color to give an antique and royal look to your kitchen. For instance, white-gold colored stones will look extremely beautiful with off white cabinets and grayish countertops. You can further add fancy lights under cabinets to give a royal and classier look in the overall decor.

Stoned Walls

As you can see the advanced technologies has made stone veneer quite affordable in market so for their new masonry projects, people are opting for stoned walls. They give a very beautiful yet natural look to your interior decor while manufactured stone veneer does not even require sealing so maintaining them is quite easy. The best part is that stone veneer panels are made of lightweight aggregate material which helps in making the installation process quite quicker.

Go For Classy Bathrooms

Backsplashes surrounding beautiful countertops are not only for your kitchens as it looks amazingly graceful in your bathrooms too. You may design the wall behind your bathtub and shower with stone veneer to add interest to the space. But make sure you select an appropriate color scheme to keep the grace up as bright colors won’t look good in this setup. Instead you may go for soft honed limestone in combination of light shades of gray to give a classy and royal look to the whole interior.

Surround Fireplace with Stone Veneer

The best thing of stone veneer is that it can withstand heat better than any other material for decorating the fireplace in your home. The shattered pattern of stones surrounding the fireplace will make it look extremely beautiful which is also easy to maintain as compared to other materials. You may find a variety of shapes and colors with which you can opt for multiple styles like river rock, shadow rock and many more to make your fireplace stand out of the crowd.

Give A New Life to Your Living Room

Living room is the place where you spend most of your time with your loved ones so make sure to make it as pretty as possible. You know when your surroundings are beautiful, you can feel relaxed and comfortable as it gives you a peace of mind. You can use one wall for this purpose to use stone veneer decor all over where you might have set your television. You can also install few stylish shelves around the television and keep beautiful vases and some magazines there to make it look prettier. Also, add some fancy or LED lights in this setup would make it look more trendy and beautiful to have some quality time with your loved ones.

Make Your Countertops More Beautiful

There are not only backsplashes to decorate with countertops as you can design the countertops themselves as well using stone veneer. How about using stone veneer under kitchen countertops and bar countertops? Sounds interesting as it will be very cool to have a trendy look in your overall interior decor. It will also look very beautiful in different workplaces as some people used to have stone veneer decor under their reception bar so you may think like that for decorating many other places at your home and offices.

Make Beautiful Benches for Your Garden

Your garden might look incomplete without any seating arrangement so you can go for stone veneer benches instead of old furniture. The major advantage of stone veneer benches is that you won’t need to move your furniture back and forth during the rainy season to prevent it from any damage. And secondly, it will make a very natural and traditional addition in your garden to enjoy some quality time within your house. A stone veneer contractor Port Jefferson can better guide you that how beautifully it can be used for exterior decor giving very classical and royal touch to the overall aesthetics.

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