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6 Amazing Ways To Decorate With A Round Rug

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When you are choosing area oriental rugs for your home, your eyes tend to linger on the sight of round rugs, but you dismiss the thought of buying it. Why? Because you are unsure of the specs, the color coordination, and the setting for round rugs in your home and you feel you will not do the justice of decorating it in your home.

Round rugs are a breath of fresh air from the traditional rectangular rugs. A round rug adds depth and style to any room. They are not a piece to merely cover the floor but give a touch of class. It offers far more than the rectangular rugs, such as fixing in small spaces, adding a versatile touch to your bland room, and just plain standing out. But the trick is to style it right. Listed below are ways through which you can decorate with round rugs.

Round Rug With Round Table

The best way for decoration is to place a round rug under a round dining table and chairs. It is a considerably basic decorating technique but one that never fails to impress. If the round rug is under the dining table then it should be big enough to cover the area outside the chairs so that when you pull out the chairs they are still on the rug. You can even place round rugs under tall standing lamps or under round side tables.

A small rug which does not fit the piece of furniture it is under will make the room disproportionate and the round rug will not stand out. A round rug under a round table rings harmony in the room but that does not mean it cannot be placed under a square dining table. In fact, it acts as a focal point to the dining table. Just make sure the rug is large enough for the dining table and there is a lot of space to pull the chairs out.

Increase The Space

A round rug in a room can enhance the space of a room and make a small room appear bigger. It is a best choice for small spaces and rooms such as a reading corner, children’s room or play area or a small office as it will make the space look bigger.

Soften And Enhance

It should be added in rooms where there is plain and dull furniture as it instantly adds a touch of freshness in the room and gives out artistic vibes. Always opt for round rugs in a room with less or basic furniture to uplift the mood of the room. A round rug instantly softens the sharpness of a square and rectangular room with sharp edges.

Focus On A Corner Or Small Area

You can add a round rug to enhance a corner or a small area of the room such as the entrance way, a small sitting area, near the fireplace, near a bookshelf or even under a rocking chair. It will add focus towards that area and bring versatility to your room. It will also provide a place for people to stand and look at the furniture such as look at a book or sit by the fireplace and attract attention to your round rug as well. Round rug brings a focus to that side of the room.

Partner It Up With A Furniture Piece

You might have a great piece of artistic furniture or a piece of painting from your ancestors and you really want your guests to instantly notice that showpiece or painting. You can add a round rug near that showpiece or painting with the same color coordination and the guests will be mesmerized by the sight. It will bring versatility in your room.

Layer It Up

You can layer your round rug on top of a rectangular rug to bring more coziness and warmth in your room. Contrasting colors and shades of dark and light create a beautiful appearance and layering will soften the look of then room.

Your style defines you and your home, so you are free to design as you will. Just make sure you do not overdo it. Visit rug stores Alexandria and bring versatility with a round rug.

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