Talking about Hillary vs. the Republicans

Vintage toned picture of Utah State Capitol building in Salt Lake City at night, USA.

In the Democratic houses, there is only one topic that is making the news; that is the Hillary vs Republicans war-battle for the Presidency. She is all ready to take the votes of United States by storm, and she can easily become the face of the Democratic Party.

So, in order to check out the reasons why Hillary slowly and steadily is becoming the most appealing candidate in the elections, let us take just take a look at why she can easily compete(and possibly beat) any Republican candidate.

So here our assessment goes;

Hilary’s straightforward agenda:

The thing that is so appealing about Mrs. Clinton is the fact that she is going to put forward and keep the same agenda as the ones that the current ruling party and the government is giving out.

The Obama Presidential Office has pleased many people around the U.S., and it has also won accolades in various other countries too. Thanks to its policies and agendas. Mrs. Clinton is simply going ride on the back of this successful horse and rope in the voters. This will also make sure that she will not only gain the Obama votes but also lure in the states (some southern states) where Obama has a strong foothold. So, along with traditional Democratic footholds, she can also rope in the Obama votes to tackle any candidate—be it Trump, Bush or Carson—of the Republicans.

Hilary Image and her persona:

Another reason why Hillary is so popular is because of her own image and persona. She is quite a woman when it comes to holding positions or offices.

She has already done so well as a Secretary of State, and she had also won hearts during her term as the First Lady by showing resilience and toughness during difficult times then. This gives her a straight ahead advantage against the Republicans—anyone of their candidate— in the polls during the election time.

The Democratic touch:

Republicans—especially Trump—is more concerned with bringing jobs back to America by taking a pretty radical approach. However, this is where the magic of Hillary Clinton polls against republicans will work as her approach coincide the righteous and the American way. Her several other approaches are also quite appealing and much more traditional and plausible in nature, against the frivolous notions of the Republicans.


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