How to Become a Basketball Coach?

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Do you love the game of basketball? Or even better, do you feel you have the knowledge and skills it takes to teach others how to play? If so, then you could be a great candidate for basketball coaching. Even if you don’t know everything about basketball, you can learn by obtaining a Bachelor’s degree with a minor in physical education or sports training. As a basketball coach, you will be responsible for organizing professional and amateur athletes, while teaching the fundamentals of basketball. This includes developing their individual and team mentality of the sport. Sportsmanship is the key skill that has to be taught to every basketball player.

Educational Requirements of a Basketball Coach

As mentioned, you will need to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in P.E. or sports training, but you should also try to obtain actual experience by volunteering at a local high school’s basketball team. Sometimes, being a teacher at a school can open the door of opportunity to becoming a basketball coach.

If you haven’t obtained a degree in education, you will need to take courses in teaching methods and curriculum planning, or other education-related classes. You can also check with your state to see what the requirements are for certification. The Board of Education is responsible for determining what the requirements are for high school and college basketball coaches. In order to get certification, you will have to prove your knowledge of basketball and coaching skills. A teacher’s license may also be needed.

Gaining Real-World Experience

Having a good educational background on your resume isn’t always enough to become a basketball coach. You’ll also need to showcase that you have demonstrated your ability to coach through actual experience. You can search for assistant coaching jobs or by becoming a team manager at a local high school or college. Watching game tapes and learning plays and players is a great way to increase your knowledge of who your team will likely go against. The purpose of watching tapes is to learn strategies, offenses and defenses, so that you can develop plays to counter or adapt to them.

Getting a Job as a Coach

By getting a degree in education, you can start out as a teacher and then working your way into a basketball coaching position.   Most coaches were first teachers. If you used to play basketball in high school and college, this will look great on your resume, so be sure to put it. Having knowledge as a teacher and a player will allow you to connect better with the students that you coach. Who knows, maybe one day you will become an NBA or WNBA coach. Keep in mind that becoming a basketball coach isn’t always easy, so you may have to work your way up from being a teacher or coach’s assistant. Take hold of your humble beginnings and continue working your way down the path to becoming an actual basketball coach. Meanwhile, continue to study players, plays and coaching styles to enhance your own knowledge and skills.

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