Writing an Essay doesn’t Always have to be a Daunting Task

Jan 17, 14 Writing an Essay doesn’t Always have to be a Daunting Task

Writing academic essays is one of the tasks that many students would opt to avoid as much as possible but unfortunately it is not possible since in many academic institutions this is a compulsory exercise that students must undertake before qualifying for their various academic degrees. What many students forget is that essay writing sharpens your writing skills and they also show the academic development that you have made in your given area of study. Owing to this great role played by academic assignments, students are advised to master the art of writing and presenting top quality essays that will leave both your professors and instructors impressed. But how can you undertake this exercise without experiencing the frustrations associated with it?  This can be simply done by learning and mastering the skills of writing academic essays. Writing an essay is a process that requires patience as it consumes reasonable amount of time and commitment. It involves critically analyzing and discussing ideas within a given count of words. Basically a top quality academic assignment should adopt a logical flow of ideas and this can be enhanced by sticking to the essay writing format.

Any given academic essay should start with a title; the title of your essay should give an idea of what your essay is all about. The title should capture the attention of the reader. The part that follows the title is the introduction. Basically the introduction of your essay should be one paragraph long. The main purpose of an introduction is to set the stage for your essay this means that it should give your reader a hint of what to expect in your essay. This is the part where you should state your thesis statement, which is the main point of your essay. Just like the title of quality essays, the introduction should arouse and capture the interest of your readers. The other part that comprises an academic essay is the body paragraphs. This is the part where you argue out your ideas by presenting evidence. The body paragraphs basically starts with a topic sentence and ends with a conclusion sentence and this ensures that each body paragraph convey a complete idea or point. The topic sentence introduces the idea that one intends to put across whereas the conclusion sentence wraps up the whole idea and at the same time provides a smooth transition from one paragraph to the other.

The last part of quality essays should be the conclusion. This is where you sum up the ideas that you have written in your body paragraphs. There are different ways in which you can conclude your essay but what you should always keep in mind is that never try to introduce new ideas in your conclusion. Summarize your academic essays by highlighting your main points and topic sentences of your main body paragraphs can really help you in doing this. It is important to note that your conclusion should always be in line with your thesis statement.

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