Supplementing Your Wedding Theme

Dec 10, 12 Supplementing Your Wedding Theme

Despite the recession, more and more couples wishing to tie the knot are pulling out the big guns. It isn’t enough just to have a simple ceremony. Today’s couples get hitched at full-on extravaganzas with elaborate themes. One in demand wedding theme in recent years has been vintage weddings, rustic-themed weddings, or usually a combination of the two.

The key component to completely capturing your wedding theme correctly will be the location. No matter which print invitations you choose, what your bridesmaids dresses look like, or whichever wedding DJ you pick, your wedding venue is the biggest piece to the puzzle.

Where can you begin your search for a wedding reception venue? The best place to begin your wedding location search is in any listing for historic mansion property in your area. Many states have historic homes that have become quite popular in recent years for serving as event venues for a number of events including private dinner parties, birthday parties, and of course, weddings.

With its romantically beautiful facilities and architecture, a historic mansion home provides just the right backdrop. Historic mansion wedding venues are also perfect because the bride and groom can save a great deal of money on extra decorations. These mansions already contain the antique furniture and little romantic touches like outdoor landscaping that are sure to add to your wedding theme.

Obviously your event rental location should be compatible with the number of guests you intend on inviting.  Choosing a venue that is too large could displace the needed intimacy for your vintage-style wedding. A venue that is too small will certainly be uncomfortable for your guests. The best part of these particular mansion wedding locales s is they can easily be dressed up to host grand, large-scale events, but are still perfectly suited to serve as your intimate wedding reception. Because these mansion event venues were constructed many years ago, they have multiple rooms varying in size: perfect for your wedding ideas.

Before signing a contract, make sure you ask if your vintage wedding venue has an in-house caterer, or will you need to contact an outside caterer. A venue facility that already has food and beverage service or buffet-menu options are a lifesaver for many busy brides and grooms, while also providing better food options for weddings with tight budgets.

When choosing your mansion wedding venue, it’s also important to look at several other factors, such as the weather. In the case of uncooperative weather, is your chosen mansion wedding location an option that will allow you to bring your festivities indoors? A wedding venue with indoor and outdoor options is absolutely crucial. Every bride’s worst nightmare is an unexpected rainy wedding day ruining any wedding up-dos.

Wedding venue choices should not be taken lightly. With the right considerations in your wedding planning, all brides and grooms will have the perfect wedding day they’ve dreamed  of. Let the location of a wedding be the foundation for the cherished memories all guests and bridal party members will carry with them for years to come.

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