Richard Cordray Head “Watchdog” Agency

Obama “Recess” Appoints Richard Cordray

In a bold White House move President Obama has appointed Richard Cordray as the new Consumer Agency Chief. This announcement came amidst the media hype surrounding the Iowa caucus results yesterday. Obama used his executive powers to appointe Richard Cordray during a Senate recess, from a court decision during the Clinton administration a Senate recess occurs after three days of Senate absence.  The Consumer Agency was created as a “watchdog” agency to attempt to stop another financial disaster stemming from bad bank practices. This appointment is to show that Obama will continue to fight for the interests of the American people despite Republican hindrance. Republicans have been trying for quite a while to block this appointment and no doubt will attempt to take the new  appointment to court, their efforts however may be futile as this same matter of recess appointment has been challenged unsuccessfully by Democrats during the George W. Bush administration.