New 2000mAh G10 Solar Charger

Do you often worry about your cell phone or camera with no power? This problem is very common now, and G10 solar iphone 4 battery case can solve the trouble which allows you easily to charge your cell phone or camera anywhere and anytime.

G10 solar charger through photovoltaic panels converts solar energy into electrical energy and stored in the built-in capacity of 2000mAh lithium-ion battery, and then you can use the built-in battery to charge mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3, MP4 and other digital products. Also, it can be charged directly by the mains(AC100V-240V) or computer via the USB interface. Moreover,solar cell phone charger also has 4 mobile phone adapters, which enables it to charge for Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony-Ericcson mobile phones.

Keeping your cell phone always full power is very necessary and also may reduce a lot of trouble which no power brings. The G10 solar charger is the ideal backup power supply for business travel, long distance car shipping, environmental field work and other standby power.

In addition, the flashlight located on the top give off bright lights in case of emergency.

You will love the convenience of being able to charge your mobile phones and other digital products any time you want, anywhere you go. Do not hesitate to order now.

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