Know the Role of a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Jul 22, 17 Know the Role of a Criminal Defense Lawyer

 A criminal defense lawyer may sometimes get a not-so flattering portrayal for the reason that people assume that they defend guilty people. Nevertheless, if you’re a defendant in criminal proceedings, you need the qualified criminal defense lawyer’s assistance, no matter of your innocence or guilt. As the advocates and protectors of the accused, the defense lawyers play an important role in the justice system of the US to see that everyone charged with criminal acts have a chance to defend themselves.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Protect the Accused

Firstly, the role of criminal defense lawyers is to protect the accused including his or her rights. Upholding your rights as set forth in the US Constitution, lawyers on criminal defense are bound by law to help their clients through ensuring you’re treated fairly by the criminal justice system of the US. Specifically, the job of a criminal defense lawyer is to see that you’re allowed the right to legal counsel, right to be free from any unreasonable seizures and searches, right to remain silent, right to public and speedy trial, and right to trials by a jury of the peers.

Defend Innocent People

The most important duty of criminal defense lawyers is defending the innocent.  People see daily regarding overturned criminal cases wherein new evidence verifies an innocent person’s incarceration who has served time as a result of incorrect guilty verdict. While most part, majority of clients of these lawyers are somewhat culpable in the crimes they have been charged with. Some of the clients of the lawyers are innocent. Even if a rare occurrence, the innocent people are convicted and accused of criminal offenses.

To fight against the prosecution of wrongly accused, the lawyers should be diligent in holding the police and prosecutors accountable for each stage of their investigation in each case they handle. Therefore, the defense lawyers should take seriously their role as the advocates from innocent as well as not-so-innocent to ensure that the guilty do not escape while innocent are punished.

Defend the Guilty

Majority of lawyers agree that some difficult criminal clients to represent is one, which takes responsibility for the crime as this is much simpler to establish reasonable doubt or innocence whenever you do not think your clients are guilty. Facing moral and ethical daily, criminal defense lawyers should deal with the situations where they have facilitated the release of guilty person, which risks their reputation as well as a clear conscience.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Important Part of US Judicial System

A criminal defense attorney rockville is necessary for US legal system to run smoothly, even if this kind of lawyer is portrayed as the villains who help the criminals run free. Without the availability of the qualified legal representation for people who are accused of crimes, the possibility for overreach by the government could be great. Balanced system where every party is represented and where one side is not provide with free rein to rule over the other is what judicial system is all about. While each system has its flaws, the US judicial system is the best around the world.

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