Kid-Friendly Science Projects Perfect For Any Snow (Or Rain) Day

December is here, and whether you love or loathe the winter weather that this month brings with it, it is already beginning to rear its frosty little head. Sure, for parents, a wonderland of white right outside our picture window can seem magical – for a moment. But a few snowmen and sled thrills lately and we often find ourselves stuck inside for long stretches trying to keep our kids entertained and ward off the dreaded onset of “cabin fever.”

Battle The Winter Blues With Science Projects For Children

Sound familiar? Fortunately, there is a cure even the most severe case of the winter blues. If you’re looking for something a little more creative (and educational) to do with the kids while trapped inside during a snow (or even rain) day, kid-friendly science projects can prove the perfect solution. A little pre-precipitation planning can help ensure you have everything on hand you’ll need to bring out the happy scientist in your little one. Try these experiments next time you find yourself at the mercy of the winter doldrums:

Kid-Safe Window Crystals: While growing crystals, on its surface, may seem complicated (or unsafe even), this one proves it doesn’t have to be. The materials you’ll need are:

• 1/2 cup hot water
• 1/3 cup Epson salt (magnesium sulfate)
• Few drops of liquid dishwashing detergent

Let the salt dissolve in the water (you can even microwave it for a few seconds to speed up the process). Next, add the liquid dishwashing drops. Finally, wipe your window using a paper towel doused in the solution. Within mere minutes, you’ll start to see non-toxic crystals forming and will have an opportunity to engage in a scientifically driven dialogue with your kids to try and determine how, exactly, this happened.

Melting Ice Hypothesis: Want an even simpler science project that can prove a perfect activity for virtually any age group? Try an ice melting experiment. Simply reach in the freezer and grab a handful of ice cubes. Then, let your imaginations run wild with ways to melt and alter the state of the ice. Leave them out in room temperature conditions, wrap them in various materials like tin foil or plastic wrap. You can even let them watch what happens when you place them near a candle for a discussion on heat’s effect on ice. Letting your little ones come up with their own ice-melting conditions and writing down your results is a great way to spend a winter day.

Ivory Soap Experiment: Have a bar of (unwrapped) Ivory soap on hand and a microwave? Then you have everything you need for this next activity. Place the soap on a microwave safe plate for about a minute and half and watch as it grows (and grows and grows!) to more than six times its original size. Let it cool for a few seconds and then let the little ones touch the soap in its new form. Talk about how, even though it looks completely different, it still has all its original cleaning qualities.

Having just these few simple household items on hand can help ensure that you’re armed with all the winter weaponry you’ll need to effectively battle snow day boredom! was founded by mom blogger Tracy Gibb to help parents in their daily familial struggles and triumphs. Looking for parenting tips and suggestions or, a product review site geared specifically for moms and dads? Visit Lessthanperfect today!

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