Jet/ Vac Services

If you have a stubborn drain or sewer clog that can’t be fixed using conventional methods fear not! Expert Sewer and Drain has a solution for you, involving their newest jet/vac technologies. Jet/vac are high powered drain cleaners that are able to clear out even the largest and most stubborn drain clogs, including clogs resulting from tree branches and even bricks! Their jet/vacs clear out clogs by using a high powered water get that is able to literally blast away the clog and will even clear out debris around twists and bends in your pipework. Expert Sewer and Drain will be able to help you regardless if your problem is of a residential or commercial nature and their experienced drain contractors are available 24/7. So no matter when or where you are experiencing a drain clog emergency contact the professionals at Expert Sewer and Drain, their high powered jet/vac trucks are ready to g at any time and in any sort of weather day or night so call now.

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