Iowa Caucus results

With the Iowa caucus over with the attention is now being shifted onto candidate decisions and further hot spots on the campaign trail. With New Hampshire on the horizon political journalist are skeptical of whether or not Rick Santorum who had a surprising surge in Iowa due largely in part to Iowa’s evangelicals will be able to keep his momentum when faced with the though obstacle of the more socially liberal state of New Hampshire. Most speculate that Santorum will not fair well and see him coming in with low even single digit numbers. Mitt Romney the Iowa caucus winner by 8 votes the closest caucus in history is expected to fair very well in New Hampshire however, perhaps getting some distance from the very close Santorum in Iowa. All of this is merely guesses and hunches at this point, and will continue to be so for a long election while, what we do know is that Iowa has knocked out one candidate so far. We can only watch and see which candidates will survive the grueling road race that is the 2012 presidential election.

Iowa Caucus Winner