How Do I Import an OST File into Outlook

This article is for all those who wonder and ponder upon the question unwaveringly that – How do I import an OST file into Outlook?

To make the explanation run smoother, let’s explicate what an OST file is – first of all! This takes down to the first level from where you begin using the Exchange Server collaborated set up with Outlook initially, which might the thing of some couple of years back.

Either due to an urgent data security requirement or owing to the extended feature palette of Exchange server system, you might have chosen to use in your organization. Whatever may be the reason, the actuality is that you are finally using that system in your office and managing all your email work through it. Your employees are accustomed to this system and used to its working processes. Over the years, they must have learnt to carry out all their emailing tasks making use of an offline OST file (offline storage table) which they get at their user –end client system in this Exchange set up.

This file contains all their mailbox info. The best point about this file is that it is openable offline and there are a couple of tasks one can perform even in the offline mode using this OST file. These tasks include any updation in the mailbox data like any contact addition, any task feed added in the calendar, any journal entry fed etc. These changes get synched with the server once the connection with Exchange main system is established. However, using this offline file, the user cannot send and receive emails, which is possible only when the connection with the server is on.

OST file does have this limitation that during downtime, you cannot send/receive any emails using this OST file that is in the offline mode. So, this brings down the situation where you are blocked in a server downtime trouble or when your OST file is corrupted. Under both these scenarios, you face a similar type of trouble, i.e. an inability to carry out some crucial email tasks like sending & receiving of mail messages with this unusable OST. ( OST to PST Converter software complete import OST file into Outlook prcess for recover inaccessible OST file.

This means that you got to think of a way of getting out of this trouble. What do this can possible be a workaround of this problem-situation? Well! Think of this way where you get all your mailbox data in another format file, may be a PST file, which you can easily use at your client-end machine with Outlook to send-receive any emails that you wanted to!

Are you now wondering – How do I import an OST file into Outlook? Very simple! There are third-party tools to carry out this procedure, which makes it a very easy-come-easy-go workaround of the problem addressed! Try out the ( OST Converter software; it is a good one for this purpose. Many users have got satisfying results using this tool!

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