Children’s Book Clubs: All The Benefits

When it comes to reading, one thing can be certain; every child is sure to go at his or her own pace and interest level. Some discover their passion for reading at an earlier age and you simply can’t keep enough books on hands to quench their thirst for the written word. Some may find it an acceptable alternative when there is no other worthy activity (according to their own personal standards, of course) available and still others may find the thought of curling up with a good read a chore (or perhaps even a punishment!). Fortunately, there is one invaluable resource that parents can tap into that helps engage and excite even the most reluctant reader in the family; children’s book clubs.

Children’s Book Clubs Deliver Benefits For All Ages And Abilities

Children’s book clubs offer parents an ideal opportunity to help their kids discover an authentic lifelong love of reading. Simply introducing a child to a group book discussion, whether it’s amongst peers only or in a mixed environment of children and parents, can offer an unparalleled tool when looking to increase literacy capabilities, regardless of age and current abilities. In addition to helping form a foundational enhancement of reading skills, children’s book clubs can also help little readers:

Embrace change: As parents, we all know that one favorite story our child reads again and again…and again. Participating in a peer reading group can help kids embrace new stories and genres that, while not necessarily their first choice, can still prove an exciting read.

Recognize social etiquette: Social etiquette and cues are an important part of transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Participating in children’s book clubs can help little ones recognize the importance of turn taking, listening while others speak as well as a slew of other critical engagement behaviors.

Speak in front of a group: Have a shy child you’re hoping to help break out of his shell a bit? A reading group may prove an ideal solution. Every participant will have the opportunity to contribute in a safe environment – and usually with parents right nearby for an extra boost of confidence.
Broaden their cognitive understanding: Group learning of any type is a great way to help youngsters broaden their cognitive learning horizons; children’s book clubs are no exception. Engaging in this type of stimulating environment can play a pivotal role in a child’s ability to understand foreign concepts and ideas.

Finally, (and potentially most importantly) children’s book clubs are fun! Kids of any age will love an opportunity to connect with peers and share their thoughts on the latest agreed upon read.

Ensuring A Positive Group Experience For Your Child

Not exactly sure where to find reading material for the next meeting? Try talking with your child’s teacher. Not only will teachers have a firm grasp on your child’s specific reading and learning level, but they’ll also be able to recommend appropriate and compelling content that will keep every little reader tuned in and engaged for a successful meeting each and every time!

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