Child Custody Lawyers

Domestic cases are involving separation and divorce are amongst the most trying for individuals emotionally and when issues such as child custody occur even the most civil divorce proceedings can become contentious. It is imperative that if you are contemplating divorce or spousal separation you contact a knowledgeable child custody attorney immediately. At Russell W. Ray PLLC, they employ veteran child custody lawyers with experience working in a variety of unique domestic cases. Russell W. Ray’s skilled child custody attorney will work with you to determine what child custody option would be most beneficial for you and your children. Russell W. Ray PLLC practices law in both DC and northern Virginia and will explain to you the various criteria courts consider when determining child custody, while their attorneys will attempt to work in a mediated setting they will not hesitate to defend your rights as well as your children’s in litigation if need be. The attorneys at Russell W. Ray understand that undergoing a divorce proceeding is a volatile time in your life, that is why they will do their utmost to alleviate your worries and work with you for the absolute best possible out come for you and your family. If you are considering divorce and have children do not hesitate to contact one of the family law lawyers with child custody expertise at Russell W. Ray PLLC, they offer a free case evaluation for your convenience.

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