All you need to know about mosquitoes!

Sep 30, 13 All you need to know about mosquitoes!

Yesterday, I was thinking about nature; all of a sudden my mind strikes about the existence of mosquitoes. Each and every gift of nature has its own importance but I couldn’t understand the concept behind the existence of mosquitoes on our planet. What is their importance? For what purpose they exist? Finally I concluded that it would be a mistake of god because they only serve the meaning of discomfort and illness. Their bites seem as tiny injections.

Calculating number of mosquitoes on the earth is similar like counting stars in the sky. Relentlessly, they are expanding their presence over the planet at an alarming rate. It has become a serious threat and concern for the human being and society.

West Nile virus, the most noted mosquito-transmitted disease is making its presence in an exponential manner. Also, Eastern Equine Encephalitis and La Crosse Encephalitis are counted amongst the most common ailments conveyed by mosquitoes. I think it’s time to aware and prepare your backyard for the forthcoming mosquito season.

Springtime proves to be a favorable condition for their breeding. However, you can control mosquitoes to not effect your life.


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